10 Tips On How to Boost More Subscribers to Your Email Lists


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Yes, we know – whether you are an up-coming business owner or an entrepreneur – gaining new subscribers is not always the easiest thing on the schedule, right? Let us walk you through some tips and tricks that might make this whole subject a bit more manageable. ke this whole subject a bit more manageable.

Run a giveaway or a contest 

Go on your website or your social media and announce that you are having a contest or a giveaway. To be able to participate in the competition, they need to enter their email address. 

Keep your sign-up form short but sweet 

Keep the sign-up form really simple. If there’s too many fields to fill in, some people may refrain from signing up. Although, there’s an on-going debate whether to include first name and last name, or if you should only fill in your email. The pro’s with the name is that you can make the send out more personalized. However, your list will grow faster if you only request the email address. So, really, it’s up to you. You can always try out and see what works best for your company. 

Add a sign-up option at the end of the check out

Great one. The customer is in a good mood now that they’ve completed a purchase on your site. You are no longer strangers, and they know your brand. Where else but here, is better to have a box where they can sign up for your newsletter? Exactly.

Add a newsletter pop-up to your website

Make a pop-up window appear mid-screen or a little bit lower on the page. Keep in mind that this window should not be full of information but only a short message and a field for their email address. The box should also be easy to close.  

Have an irresistible offer 

Do some A/B testing and try some different offers and see which ones perform best. This also gives you an understanding of what your customer wants (big plus!). You’ll never know if you never try, so give it a go. 

Offer a free course, webinar or service

An effective way to get people to sign up for your newsletter is by offering free courses, webinars or trying out your service for a certain period for free. When they sign up for any of these, add a box where they need to fill in their email address to be able to take part in the free course, webinar or service. 

Try an instant offer for first-time subscribers

This is a popular one, and that’s because it’s very effective. Offer new subscribers a discount on their next purchase if they subscribe to your newsletter and inform your visitors that this is subscriber-only benefits. 

Make it easy to share your newsletter

You can share your newsletter on your own channels, but you can also encourage people to start subscribing to your newsletter by sharing it on their own channels. 

Minimize the clicks to subscribe 

Many visitors use search engines to find what they are looking for online. Your visitors can end up on different pages of your website – therefore make sure that your sign-up form is placed in a place that does not depend on which page they are on.

Places where you can place your sign-up form are:

  • Top header
  • Footer
  • Pop-up box
  • After a checkout
  • Sidebar

Add sign-up forms to your social media 

On some social media, there are ready-made sign-up links you can use to gather subscribers to your newsletter. On some others you simply must add a link in your description to the sign-up box. Keep in mind that social media are perfect channels for promoting contests, newsletters, new services, and products that you can recruit to new subscribers at the same time.  

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