20+ Email Marketing Statistics You Definitely Should Know!


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Year after year, email marketing is questioned as a marketing channel, and this despite the fact that it statistically turns out to be the absolute strongest channel. Today, there are a number of different communication channels to use, yet email is by far the most popular.

Did you know that so far during 2021, there are 4.175 billion email users and that approximately 124.5 billion business emails are sent every day? And that 89% of all marketers use email marketing as their main channel or that email marketing is the channel in digital marketing that provides the highest ROI? 

We know what you’re thinking, it’s absolutely mind-blowing and a little doolally at the same time! But let’s get down to it, below we have listed 20+ email marketing statistics you should definitely know. 

General statistics regarding email marketing in 2021:

  • Email marketing has a ROI of 4200% ($42 for every $1) 
  • 73% of millennials use email marketing for a business
  • 93% of all B2B marketers use email marketing to spread their content
  • 99% of all consumers check their inbox at least once a day
  • 28% of all emails are opened on a smartphone
  • 21% of all emails are opened during the first hour they are sent
  • Email marketing is mainly used for lead generation (85%), sales (84%) and customer retention (74%)
  • Marketing and advertising emails convert 50.1% into purchases
  • In 2023, it is assumed that over 347.3 trillion emails will be sent daily
  • 10% is a good response rate to aim for
  • Nearly 42% of all email opens takes place on mobile apps

Statistical results for email marketing in 2020:

  • There were 4.03 billion email users
  • 306.4 billion emails were sent every day
  • The general opening frequency was 18%
  • The overall click-through rate was 2.6%
  • The general deregistration rate was 0.1%
  • The general bounce rate was 0.7%

In short – there are an extreme amount of emails sent every single day. Both for private and marketing purposes. But does it differ slightly depending on which day you send your emails? It actually does, and we have listed some statistics on it for you below. 

Which days were best to send emails on in 2020?

  • The highest opening frequency was on Fridays with 18.9%
  • The best click-through-rate was on Fridays with 2.7%
  • The highest click-to-open rates were on Fridays and Wednesdays with 14.4%
  • The unsubscribing was 0.1% and there was no day that was higher than the other

Which days were the worst to send email on in 2020?

  • The lowest opening frequency was on Saturdays with 17.3%
  • The lowest click-through-rate was on Saturdays with 2.4%
  • The lowest click-to-open rate was on Tuesdays with 13.5%

Ready to be a part of the email marketing club and get those emails into cyberspace?

Whether your purpose is to convert sales, keep in touch with your customers or strengthen your brand, email marketing is a cost-effective marketing channel for you and your company. These statistics are compiled and published so that you can understand exactly how valuable email marketing is.

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