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101 • FEBRUARY 18, 2022 • 2 MIN READ

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We like flexibility. Just as our subscription plans are flexible, we want our service to be flexible. Everything to make your work day a little easier.

As a user of netProviders email marketing tool, you can decide for yourself whether you want to send your emails directly or if you prefer to work proactively by scheduling your campaigns in advance.

Send Straight Away

Once you have created your campaign, you can, as usual, send your campaigns straight away by selecting Send now. Your campaign will be sent out to all your recipients on your list. 

Schedule Campaign

Do you prefer to plan your email campaigns in advance? You’re not alone! You can decide in advance what day and time your emails will be sent to your subscribers. The time zone is detected depending on the country you are in (in our case the time zone is GMT + 1).

When you have selected the day and time, press Schedule Campaign. When you’ve chosen to sechdule a campaign, it will be placed under Campaigns> Completed, as it counts as a Completed Campaign. Should you regret this choice, you can cancel your campaign until the day and time when you have scheduled your campaign.

I scheduled a campaign but it wasn’t sent?

If you have scheduled campaigns that have not been sent, it is because you have reached your monthly email limit.

For example: you have chosen to schedule multiple campaigns in one month. You have combined your scheduled campaigns with sending mail campaigns directly as well. If you do not know your email limit, your scheduled campaigns may not be sent out as you have already reached your limit with your previous campaigns.

Should this happen, you can easily switch to a higher subscription plan, or you can buy extra mail capacity for a 30-day period.

To avoid this situations: before you make your campaigns you will always be able to see your current email status, i.e. how many emails you have sent versus how much email capacity you have left during your current month / plan.

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