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Give your email marketing a jolt. Make your brand grow faster. Simple and secure.

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It is for you.

With netProviders flexible marketing tool, reaching your desired audience with surgical precision has never been easier. Our platform was created for your company’s privacy and safety so you can focus on what’s next.

No detours for your data. Ever.

With our servers and MTA located in Sweden, your data will remain local and never be shared with third parties.

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Try it out. Switch. Cancel whenever.

Our plans have no binding or notice periods, so you can switch freely between them as your needs change.

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For up-and-comers and veterans alike.

Whether you are looking for your first deal or trying to expand a running operation, we’ve got your back.

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  • Make custom emails that pop on our online platform
  • Up to 500 recipients
  • 2000 emails per month
  • Easy transition to paid plan of your choice
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With the full netProviders experience you get access to a real instant business booster. Our online platform lets you create and send out enticing email campaigns to your own B2B and B2C mailing lists, as well as follow them up with neat stat tools. 

Regardless of your industry or your previous marketing skills, we help you reach your customers. No binding or notice periods, no nonsense. Our flexible plans give you exactly what you need and none of what you don’t need. 

Price Plans

The shortcut to growing your brand and increasing sales with the plan of your choice. 

  • There is no binding or notice period
  • It is designed strictly to provide the best B2B & B2C marketing experience
  • It gives you total control and ultimate security



  • 10.000 recipients
  • 3 Users
  • 100.000 mail/month

For those of you who need to stay in close contact with your customers and want to grow without your marketing becoming too costly.



  • 50.000 recipients
  • 5 Users
  • 600.000 mail/month

For those of you who need a little extra something when it comes to email marketing. Here, you can add even more users who will share the account.



  • 100.000 recipients
  • 10 Users
  • 1.500.000 mail/month

For the advanced marketer, or the whole team to access the same account, and the ability to send out hundreds of thousands of mails to your contacts.



  • 200.000 recipients
  • Unlimited Users
  • 3.600.000 mail/month

For a marketer with a team that wants more than just marketing. Here you get everything you need (and more).

Stay flexible. Pay as you go.

Need to get another message out? No worries, you can always add more mailing capacity to any given month.

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Track your success.

Keep your campaigns on point by tracking and comparing their performances with our integrated stat tools.

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We’re in this together.

Just like you do, we want our products and services to keep getting better. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making sure that your needs are met. If there are ways in which we can better help you and your business grow and improve, we want to know about them. Don’t be a stranger!

Just Add Water.
The netProviders Story.

We get it, finding B2B and B2C emails and getting messages out is not exactly the most exciting activity on an entrepreneur’s busy schedule.

That’s the point.

When we first started dipping our toes in entrepreneurial waters, we couldn’t believe how hard (and expensive!) it was to just reach out to businesses. Finding email addresses and getting our word out took time and effort that we would rather have spent on our products or on making that word way more awesome.

You probably get where this is going, right?

We started netProviders to give you and other entrepreneurs – established, up-and-coming or in-between – the opportunity to focus on your core business while we do the boring dirty work.

We offer flexible and reasonably priced plans, an easy-to-use online platform, safe Nordics-based infrastructure, and a no nonsense chop-chop mentality that gives you exactly what you need and none of what you don’t need.

Just add water and some of that entrepreneurial passion you’ve got going. Get your word out and we’ll handle the rest. It’s that simple.

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Michaela Holm, CEO

Get the plan that best suits your needs

Your business is unique, as are your marketing needs. That’s why you need a plan tailored to your specific situation. Just starting out and getting ready to tell the world about your ideas? Or are you established but looking to expand your pool of clients? Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are your servers located?

    We want every company that uses netProviders to feel confident that the information they upload to our platform will never be sold, shared or end up in the wrong hands. Our servers and our MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) are located in Sweden.

  • Do you have any fixed terms or notice periods?

    We do not have any fixed terms or notice periods for our traditional plans.

    However, if you have signed a contract with netProviders then your agreement will run until the fixed contract period ends. If you do not terminate your contract at least 3 months before it expires, it will renew automatically.

  • Can I change my payment plan mid-month?

    You can change your payment plan in the middle of the month hassle-free.

    When you upgrade your plan in the middle of the month, you get instant access to all the new functions. You will subsequently be charged based on the plan you have switched to.

    Example: You have already paid for your current plan but at some point during the month you decide that it is no longer meeting your needs and you need to upgrade. You switch from a lower plan to a higher plan on the 15th of the month. You therefore pay for the upgrade from the 15th to the 30th of the month. Your next invoice will be for the full amount for your package, i.e. from the 1st to the 30th.

    If you wish to downgrade your plan in the middle of the month, you will still be able to use your previous package until the end of the month. We will transition you to your new plan at the end of the month and your next invoice will reflect the changes you have made.

  • What currencies does your payment system support?

    We have made it easy to make payments to us in a number of different currencies. Our base currency is in Euros which we use to calculate the prices for all our other currencies. If the currency of your country is not supported, we will use our base currency.

  • Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

    Yes. Since we don’t have any fixed terms or notice periods, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Regardless if you choose to pause or cancel a subscription, you will continue to have access to your account. However, you will not be able to send any emails after your paid subscription has expired.

    If you would like to pause or cancel your subscription with us, go to Manage Plan and select Cancel Subscription. You will still be able to use your account for the time you’ve paid. After that time, you will automatically end up on a plan without any mail capacity.

    If you’ve changed your mind about your cancellation, you can instantly reactivate your subscription any time until the end of your current billing cycle. After your current billing cycle ends, you may choose an entirely new subscription plan.

  • How do I change my password?

    To change your password, go to Account > Profile. Then change your password in the Change Password section. Remember to choose a secure password.

  • How do I change my payment card?

    If you would like to change your payment card information or method, please go to Account > Settings > Manage Plan > Update Payment Method. Here, you can update your card details or switch to another payment option.

  • Where can I see my receipts?

    To view and download your receipts, go to Account > Settings > Manage Plan. At the bottom you’ll see all your receipts.