65 Call To Action Examples For Your Email Campaigns!


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An important part of email marketing, and marketing in general, is having call to action buttons. It is a perfect way to increase the conversion on your site and encourages the recipient to go ahead and implement what you as a sender want.

You use call to action buttons to get the customer to do what you want them to do. Your call to action can be anything from helping the recipient further in their buying journey, getting more subscribers to your newsletter or asking for feedback. In an email you can add it wherever you want, you can have more than one call to action in one email as well. We would really recommend you to add at least on call to action in every email you send. 

3 great examples


As you can see, there are different types of call to action buttons depending on the business you run. We have listed some examples for you below. 

CTA to convert to purchase

1. Buy now

2. Buy today

3. Order now

4. I want this!

5. Bundle up

6. Shop now

7. Shop collection

8. Get 50% off! Now!

9. Take me to sale

10. Limited amount

11. See todays deals

12. Claim your deal

13. Free shipping today

14. Shop mens

15. Shop womens

16. Shop our new collection

17. Shop our best sellers

18. Shop sales

19. Reveal my coupon

20. Start saving today

CTA to click on content

1. Read more

2. Curious?

3. Continue reading

4. Explore now

5. Download now

6. Download e-book

7. Watch interview

8. Watch video

9. Check it out

10. Read the full story

11. Hear our story

12. Find out how

13. Get free advice

14. Read out articles

15. I want to read more tips

CTA for getting feedback

1. Your feedback is important to us

2. Share your thoughts

3. Leave a review

4. Did you like your items?

5. Let us know how we did

6. Tell us what you think

7. Have your say

8. Take a survey

9. Let us know your opinion

10. How did we do?

CTA to gain subscribers

1. Sign up

2. Subscribe

3. Join our team

4. Join the club

5. Join along with 100,000 other subscribers

6. Register now

7. Receive newsletter

8. Keep track of our news

9. Count me in

10. Keep me posted

CTA for holidays

1.Lets celebrate

2. Send love

3. Happy birthday

4. Shop your birthday deals

5. Collect your birthday coupon

6. Send a gift

7. Get it before Christmas

8. Shop Santa’s favorites

9. Send your mother a gift

10. Time to celebrate!

All in all…

Call to action buttons are important. No matter what business you run. If you are sending out emails, do not forget to include a call to action button for your readers.

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