7 Ideas for Your Black Friday Emails


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Soon, one of the world’s biggest sales days are here and one of the days when a huge amount of email will be sent to customers and companies with various offers. To stand out among all other campaigns, you need to have an irresistible offer and deliver a world-class campaign. Our tip is to focus on the offer, text, colors, images and call-to-action.

Start by warming up your customers by sending an email a few days before Black Friday and then keep close contact during the holiday but also after. We know that after Black Friday it’s time for Cyber Monday so yes, it’s a couple of packed days that need a lot of content. 

Haven’t you started producing content these days or you are a new business owner and don’t really know where to start? Don’t worry, you still have time! Below we have listed some tips on what you should bear in mind:

  • Create a hype by using clever subject lines
  • Be clear with your offers
  • Create content that says it all
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Optimize for mobile

To get you in the mood and prepare for a busy couple of days, here are some examples of different Black Friday campaigns from 2020:


Uses their own graphic profile to create advertising material. Showing their best selling products with a clear and simple message and a coupon. Banner with countdown when the campaign ends and an extra push for the offer.

Ralph Lauren

Chose to market Cyber Weekend where they clearly state that they offer 20% selected items and when the campaign ends. Added a CTA in their top banner.

River Island

Lots of color and different fonts catch the eye of the River Islands campaign. They do not use anything black in their campaign and market more a fantastic week full of discounts instead of running the main focus on Black Friday.


Instead of encouraging consumption, Patagonia is driving the other way around. They urge not to act unnecessarily but to choose with care.


A very stylish campaign where they chose black font. Clean and simple with a clear message that their campaign is running. They also hint at the top that you can start the campaign now and thus skip queues and delivery delays.

Under Armour

They chose to use black and gold with a clear white font to highlight their offer of a discount of up to 50% on their goods. Provided a good CTA.


Uses the typical black that symbolizes Black Friday with the traditional sale color red. The exception here is that they do not have a CTA on their campaign. However, it is usually enough to click on the box or text to get to H&M’s offers and promotions.

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