Tips on How To Improve Your Email Copy


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We send and receive emails daily. According to statistics, 2.7 million emails are sent every second, which means 162 million (!) emails every minute. Yikes. This means that your email copy really needs to stand out among the amount of emails that your recipients receive every day. Not because an individual receives 162 million emails in one day, but on average they probably receive between 30-100 emails per day. It’s still a lot. 

Writing eye-catching email copy is harder than you think. It is not enough to just have a nice design and add some links and expect you to get a fantastic result. With a few simple tricks, you can write clear emails that really make a difference.

Show your personality through your tonality

Let your tone shine through and be personal in your emails. Just because your tonality is professionalism does not mean that you need to write impersonal emails. Communicate with your recipients as if you have a conversation in real life. Put in a little extra energy and give both transactional and marketing email that little extra sparkle. It’s more important than you may think!

Check your spelling

Take a look more than once before clicking “Send” to review misspellings. Sometimes it happens, but if it happens too many times in the same email, your emails can be interpreted as spam and never reach your subscribers. And not to mention that it may seem a little frivolous in the eyes of your recipients. Not only the fact that your emails may never reach, the emails that actually do, can result in your recipients unsubscribing or worse… sending them directly to the spam inbox. *Shivers*.

Review your vocabulary

Your copy should be fun, friendly and clear. Keep in mind that every word counts as most emails are short. Avoid going for excessive and unreliable marketing and be careful about sending offers of crazy free trials, insane sales and other shady copy that can lead to your email ending up in spam.

Make sure to adapt your language to your recipients – a good way can be to segment your email subscribers by creating different types of copy depending on your target audience.

Know your target audience

A good way to get to know your target audience can be to develop a couple of personas. This helps you to easily understand your target group, their interests and their ways of interacting with different content. When you have good knowledge of your customers, it is much easier to write copy that gets them to convert.

Write an awesome subject line

Writing fuzzy subject lines occurs all too often and many times it has received so little love that it does not even exist …Believe it or not, but the subject line is often decisive for whether your recipients actually open the email or not. If they do not understand what it is you want, there is a high risk that it will be ignored, deleted or classed as spam. Therefore, be clear with your message so that the recipient knows if there is something that is interesting to them or not. Give them the opportunity to choose. 

Do not forget about your preview text

Preview text is usually a preview of the first line of text in your email. You can enter it yourself and choose what is to be displayed and many times this is read in automatically, but it may be relevant to put an extra thought into this particular field as well. Namely, it’s not very nice if text about opening in browsers, social media links and unsubscribe button ends up here. To be on the safe side, it may be appropriate to enter the text you want visible so that you do not take any dull risks. We do not want the opening frequency to be affected due to such a mistake…

Do not forget the CTA

Including a call to action in your email is crucial to getting your subscribers to do what you want. Is it to generate sales, sign up for a subscription or sign up for a webinar? Regardless of your purpose, it is important that you include a clear CTA in your email, without it, your subscribers will most likely do no more than just read your email. And then you have spent all your time creating a fantastic email without the possibility of conversion.

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