10 Ideas to Improve Your Small Business


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All business owners strive to improve their business. Everything from coming up with new innovative ideas, to selling, improving their marketing, retaining their current customers, and reaching out to new customers. This is many times easier said than done and it can be difficult to know at which end to start – or simply you forget about these business boosters. We have collected 10 tips on how you can take your small business to new heights.

Track your Financial Trends

It is important to keep track of the company’s cash flow. There are a lot of books to read about this topic and also tools to help you keep track. If you find it difficult to do yourself and yo have the financial opportunity, it can be a good thing to get help from an accountant.

Take Care of Your Customers (and Potential Customers!)

With all the tough competition that is today, it is the customers’ market, not the other way around. They buy an experience and your staff at the company – not always the company itself. If they have had a bad experience, it can be difficult to turn them back no matter how well-established the company is. So, keep in touch with yout customers and make sure to do the little extra by sending them emails with various offers and show how important they are to you.

It may also be a good idea to send an email to customers who have shown interest in your site but who have not yet made a purchase. Maybe you should create a personalized email with a special offer to convert them and make them a new customer? Also, don’t forget to thank your customers for buying from you. Every customer is unique!

Set Up Clear Goals  

It is always important to have clear goals, regardless of the size of your company. Your customers are the most important part of your business. You can set different goals such as driving traffic to your site, retaining existing customers, win-back your old and lost customers or processing new customers.

Start a Blog  

Having a blog on your website has more benefits than you may be aware of. A blog can drive more traffic and increase trust in you from your customers. There are several advantages to a blog, one is that your blog posts can appear in search engines, so when you search for a particular content, it may be your article they choose to read. Another benefit is that many people choose to read a few posts on your blog before choosing to become your customer. It takes some time to write blog posts but it’s worth it, so set aside a few hours a week to write a post about your industry.

Offer a Coupon, Promotion or Giveaway 

Your customers are the most important thing for your business and there are different ways to show that you appreciate them. One way is to offer your current and potential customers discount codes, offers or take part in other promotions. You can also test a loyalty program where they can become members and collect points which can then generate in, for example, coupons they can use on their next purchase. 

Another way is to implement a giveaway to your customers. This can also generate an increase in your customers’ engagement with your company. It’s also a great way for your business to show that you appreciate your customers.

Co-operate with Other Businesses  

Join another company that has similar customers to you. Create a collaboration together or organize an event. Just make sure it is not a direct competitor to you so that you lose all of your customers…

Organize an Event

If you have a physical store today, it is easy to put together an event where you can hold after works, celebrating your company’s birthday or your new store opening. More than offering something to drink and eat, it is always encouraging to offer those who come some form of discount when buying in your store.

If you run a digital business but still want to hold an event – see if you can rent a café, a restaurant or another venue. Invite your customers and present any new services or products.

To make the event a little bit more special you can invite a live musician and you can also give a goodie bag to everyone who visited your event. Either you fill it with your own products, or if you offer services, you can add in something else that you think they will appreciate.

Social Media  

Be where your customers are. Most companies today know how important it is to have contact with their customers via social media. The pro’s of social media is that you can keep in touch with your customers in real time. Be active by posting interesting content, responding to live chats and comments on posts. You can also spread the word about you having a giveaway or other offers on your social medias. Ask your followers to share your post and tag friends and acquaintances. You never know what positive impact this may have and how many new customers this may generate!

Know Your Limits 

It is a strength to know your limitations and a successful business owner knows that they are not the best at everything. You can be great at coming up with promotions and you’re a brainstormer, but you are not as experienced in selling. Hire someone or get help from a consultant who can help you in certain areas.

Know When to Take a Break

A prosperous entrepreneur will permeate the company and this will lead to a prosperous contagion of your employees. An overly stressed manager and employee do not create strong relationships in-house or with suppliers. Make sure to take care of yourself and your employees so that you get a healthy work environment.

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