6 Easy Ways to Create an Awesome Newsletter


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Newsletters play a very important role in your company’s growth. They’re a great tool for engagement. By sending them out regularly you get to stay close to your subscribers, which pays off in the future. But how do we make the most out of them? For you, we have gathered 6 Easy Ways to Create an Awesome Newsletter!

1. Newsletter templates

If you don’t have the time or skill for coding it on your own, templates will save you! With netProviders, you can use templates to create outstanding newsletters. Make sure you use the right template so that it fits the purpose of your newsletter. Are you focusing on text or images? You should be creative while using a template. Move things around, change colors and spacing. Anything is possible! By doing this you ensure that your newsletter won’t come across as generic.

2. Focus on your copy

Newsletters are a chance to give information about your product, all in your subscriber’s inbox. Skip to include links. Newsletters are supposed to be specifically for your subscribers and they’re supposed to make them interested in what you have to offer. Links often give out the signal that your emails are just spam.

Use your newsletter to tell a story, make the readers want to follow through. Mix your text with good images to make it even more interesting. Also, make sure you focus on the tone of your text. What tone do you want to use, friendly? Formal? Whatever you choose, you should have a defined writing style. You can use quotes to keep the reading interesting.

3. Choose fonts and colors wisely

If you want your text to be easy to both look at and read, which you definitely should, you’ll need to choose fonts and colors that fit just that. Some fonts look great big and in a single word, but when put small and into an email, maybe not. It’s important that it looks good, but even more important that it’s readable.

4. Place your Call-to-Actions right

Newsletters are for content and not purchase decisions, therefore you should have a plan for placing your CTAs in a hierarchy. The first CTA should be the largest and the rest smaller and of the same size. Place your most important ones at the top. It’s also important to have a hierarchy of the information you’ll have in your newsletter. The most important news first, like in a newspaper. Make sure that the first news sets the right theme for your newsletter.

5. Optimize your newsletter

It’s a must nowadays to have your newsletter accessible on all devices. You’ll have to have in mind that over 80% read their mail on their phones. In our platform, you can easily preview the design of your campaigns on desktop and mobile phones.

Also, give your images an alternative text description. That way, the page reader can translate your image from text into speech.

6. Promote your social media

Promote your other channels and social media on your newsletters. This will create more engaged subscribers. Make sure your CTAs say exactly what they’re doing and where they’re sending you. Put the right CTA on the right spot. You can put your social media buttons in your footer for example. One of the most important buttons is the share button. You should have it in your newsletter, make sure it’s accessible. This way, you will have a truly committed base of followers and subscribers.

We hope all of our tips made your fingers itch and that you are eager to create your new, improved newsletters!

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