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Did you know that statistics show that just under 70% of all online shoppers leave their shopping cart for various reasons? We know… That’s a high number! Abandoning a shopping cart before payment is something that all e-commerce businesses experience, just as all physical stores experience customers going in and out without going to the cashier. As much as we would like, this is unfortunately something that cannot be eliminated. But! We have gathered what you, as an e-commerce business, can do to reduce the shopping cart abandonment. The goal is to get as many people as possible to become paying customers, right?

Firstly, we must clear out what an abandoned shopping cart means. A shopping cart is considered abandoned when a visitor to your site has added items to their shopping cart, visits the shopping cart, and then leaves your site without making a purchase. 

Let’s be honest, we have all left some products in a cart because of various reasons… maybe it was simply because we weren’t ready to to make a purchase or we wanted to have a little think about it. Regardless of the reasons, we have gathered 10 reasons why the shopping cart gets abandoned, and what you can do to reduce this from happening. 

1. Additional costs

At check-out, it is shown that there will be additional costs such as shipping, taxes, and other fees. Make sure you have all costs clear as this is a big reason why shoppers are leaving the cart.  

If you sell to different countries, make sure that your website automatically detects the shipping cost when they specify the country to which the order should be sent.

2. You must create an account to make a purchase

Many people do not have time to create an account and fill in all the information to be able to complete a purchase. Especially not if it’s a single purchase you plan to make, or if you are sitting on a mobile phone. Make it easy for the buyer to complete their purchase, the more steps the buyer needs to go through, the greater the risk that the buyer will get tired and leave.

3. Leaves the shopping cart because a discount code does not work

Make sure all discount codes work and remove discount codes that are inactive if you have marketed them on other sites or channels. Always double check that the discount code you market matches the one that applies internally in your systems.

4. Complicated check-out

If your visitors need to enter delivery or payment information more than once, there is a 25-30% risk that your visitors will leave without making a purchase. Offer customers to be able to complete their purchases and then create an account later (if they want).

5. Error messages

If a customer receives several error messages when they visit your site this can be interpreted as frivolous and even scam… Make sure your website can withstand pressure and that there will be no unnecessary error messages.

6. Too slow delivery

Offer flexible delivery options the customer can choose from. If you have a long delivery time, and also charge for it, there is a great risk that they choose not to complete their purchase.

7. Too few payment options

Offer several different payment solutions to reach as large of a customer group as possible and adapt if you have private or corporate customers (or both). 

8. Denied payment

If a customer’s payment is denied due to a third-party provider (such as Klarna or Afterpay), it is common for them to choose not to return. If the issue is because of internal issues at the providers, make sure you have another payment option for your customers to use instead. But if they are denied because of their own finances, the issue is out of your hands…

9. The page is loading too slowly

If your website loads too slowly, it may be a reason to leave without making a purchase. In fact, many customers leave if it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load.

10. Complicated checkout on mobile phone

Over 85% of everyone who leaves their shopping cart is on a mobile phone. This is because it is often difficult to make purchases over the phone. Therefore, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and that it will be even easier for them to make purchases via mobile.

Shortly, this is what you should think about and what you can do to decrease the cart abandonment:

1. Have a secure checkout on the website

2. Make sure all costs are visible and clear to the buyer

3. Offer free shipping

4. Do not have too long delivery times

5. Add guest checkout

6. Populate so that delivery information is filled in automatically

7. Offer several different payment solutions

8. Mobile adapt your website

9. Send reminder email about their shopping cart

10. Build a secure and stable website

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