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We know what it’s like to have just started a new business. Just the fact that you have taken the step and become self-employed is both exciting and scary. Not only that, you should also keep track of how you get your business on the market? Yes, there is a lot to think about, so we thought we would create a small post with tips on what you can do to reach new customers.

Buy a domain

Yes, buy a domain so that you have the opportunity to build a website. The domain also allows you to create an email address with your domain name. It is perceived more seriously when it comes to an email from a real domain than from any free version.

Build your website

There are many flexible variants today where you can create stylish and user-friendly websites. We’re sure your potential customers would like to have the opportunity to read more about you and your business on your website. It’s also professional to have a place your customers and prospects can find out more. And do not forget to make your website mobile-friendly!


This takes time, so start with your SEO when launching your website. Our tip is to do your own searches and find out what you should keep in mind when working with your SEO so that it does not have the opposite effect. Be prepared that it may take a couple of months before your SEO kicks in as this is done organically. But believe us, it’s definitely worth it!


It can be a smart idea to boost your website and your brand and purchase some advertising in various search engines before your SEO has kicked off. This costs a little money, yes, but the advantage is that you can set in advance what budget you have so that you don’t receive any surprising invoices at the end of the month.

Purchased advertising can also be great to use when you want to promote something special such as a campaign or a service you offer. It can also be a service or product that consumers do not directly link to your business. This may be that you are a marketing agency that offers a number of different services such as PR, marketing and graphic design, but you also offer lectures, and you can be hired as a consultant in marketing. 

Free webinars and try product or service

If you run a business that is digital, it can be good to offer free webinars, courses or run offers where they can try your service for free for a certain period of time.

If you conduct e-commerce, it can be an alternative to run campaigns and discounts on products and to offer free shipping.

If you instead run a business that is in physical shape, it can be smart to offer a discount when they shop in your store. If you have the opportunity, you can offer your new customers a little gift when purchasing. 

Influencer marketing 

One marketing channel that has been used frequently in recent years is influencer marketing. Here you usually need to pay an amount to be seen in their channels. If you choose to use influencers, you should use those that match your target audience. Some big influencers charge very well and usually ask for a fixed price even before the campaign starts and a variable commission, so before you move on with an influencer, you can always ask to see statistics from their social media.

Affiliate marketing

Another way is to run affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means performance-based marketing where you usually pay per CPA (Cost Per Action) or CPS (Cost Per Sale). This means that a publisher only gets paid when the publisher has conveyed an order to you as an advertiser. When you run affiliate marketing, you go through an affiliate network. An affiliate network is a company that acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher and you then get access to special tracking links and banner ads to then be able to track clicks and sales. With the help of these special links, the right compensation can be paid to the publisher.

Use your social media channels 

Use your own social channels to spread your company’s message. Keep your followers updated with news and make sure to publish varied content on your social media so that you do not always publish the same material on all channels. It can get a little annoying for the followers who follow you on more than one channel. Also set up a strategy for what type of content should be published on the channels and how many times a week you should publish on each.

Collaborate with other companies

If you run an e-commerce company and sell clothes and you come in contact with a company that conducts a similar business. See if you can produce a collection and create a campaign together! Or if you are a car dealer, check if there are any car washes or car repair shops nearby that you can work with. You can recommend them to your customers, and they recommend their customers to you. Win-win! 

Join industry organizations

Check out which organizations there are in your industry that you can participate in. Here you can meet many industry colleagues and you can learn a lot both here and there. Industry organizations are a great way to reach out with your business. In most industry organizations, you receive offers to participate in various events, educational opportunities and other useful information that you can benefit from in your own work.

Get people to sign up for your newsletter

Of course, this can be a bit difficult when you have just started your business. But if you manage to get some subscribers to your newsletter, you can market your products and services. The chances of them converting to customers are also larger as they are already familiar with your brand.

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